Loom Knitting A Brim For Your Hat

Loom knitting hats was one of the first projects I learned to complete with my looms . The hats were easy to learn to knit  and I can complete one in about two to three hours which I think is about average for the knitter with average skills and experience. Once learning to knit the basic hat I wanted to learn to add a little personality and creativity to the hats I loom knitted so I started looking for loom knitting videos that would teach me how to dress up the hats I knitted.

One of the things I found that make the hats look good is adding a good looking brim to the hat. There are several videos on adding the brim to a loom knitted hat but two of the better videos I found are the videos included here. The first video on how to add a loom knitted brim is presented by Loomknit.com and was uploaded by PurlingSprite and the second loom knitting video is another one of mikeyssmail youtube uploads. Both videos do a good job of taking the time to explain what is being done and both give you good close-ups. I have included both so that what ever you learning style is you can easily learn to add a nice looking brim to your hat. Take a look at both videos I sure you will learn someting from both.



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