Loom Knitting The Criss Cross Stitch

For most loom knitters it is exciting to learn a new stitch and for those who already know the stitch it is just as exciting to pick up a new tip on doing the stitch. This video on loom kintting the criss cross stitch by KnittingBoard.com is one that should be a good tutorial for both the pro and the beginner.

The criss stitch is a stitch that gives a fantastic textured look to projects like hats, scarves, blankets and sweaters. The stitch is made by using two weave patterns which the teacher in the loom knitting video does a good job of explaining and demonstrating. In the video she is using the knitting board loom but you can use any long type knitting loom to make the stitch.

The loom knitting video is professionally done. You will get good close-ups of what the instructor is doing. Another plus is the teacher takes her time and speaks clearly.  Watch the video and learn something new.



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