Loom Knit The Open Braid Stitch

Loom Knitters looking to learn new stitches to add to their loom knitting skill set should take a look at this KnittingBoard.com video. In the video you will learn how to do the Open Braid Stitch on the long loom. The end result provides a mixture of ribbing and lace like textures to your loom knitting project. The look is good for projects from hats to scarves and any other project a creative loom knitter can think of.

This video like the other videos uploaded to YouTube by KnittingBoard.com are quality videos that give the viewer good close-ups and good clear verbal instructions. She does a good job of explaining and demonstrating loom knitting terms like hook over and open braids and make learning the open braid really easy. This open braid video is another video that both loom knitting pros and newbies both can learn something from.

Take a look at the video and add a new stitch to your loom knitting skill set.

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