Loom Knit The Purl Stitch – New Video Tutorial

The purl stitch is a loom knitting stitch that all knitters learning to loom knit should learn. Learning the purl stitch which is really the opposite of the knit stitch, will enable you to get creative with your patterns when you get on a loom knitting creative streak. The loom knitting video tutorial presented and posted to youtube by Heather Schulte is a good video for any knitter wanting to learn the  Purl Stitch.  Heather takes a different approach in this loom knitting tutorial. In this knitting lesson you are taken from using the slip knot and casting on to binding off or casting off using the gathered bind off. What makes this loom knitting tutorial different from most others you find is that you don’t get verbal instructions until you get to the 4:12 mark of the video. At this point verbal instructions begin leading you through the gathered bind off Heather uses in completing her knitting. This instructional method gives the video viewer the advantage of being able to pause the video to try what is being seen and still have the instructions available and visible on screen to guide the viewer. The video is well shot and easy to follow along. Take a look at this video and learn or update you loom knitting purl stitch skills.

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