Loom Knit A Cabled Scarf

I have been looking for new loom knitting videos to add to the Loom Knitting Videos site and have finally found a new one I consider good enough to add to the site. We only want to add videos that are quality made, easy to follow, with good on-screen or and good verbal instructions and plenty of good close-ups of the loom knitting being done. This video teaching you how to loom knit a cabled scarf fits the bill. The credit for this video goes to the Tuteate team of tuteate.com.  Nicloe Ray gets credit for making it available to the masses.

The instructions on how to use your long or rectangular loom are all on-screen instructions without any verbal instruction. I like to have both but this loom knitting video is so well done and easy to follow that I am sure even a loom knitting novice can follow it. The good thing about having the instructions on the screen is that you can pause the knitting tutorial and still have the instructions in front of you along with the visual. Another positive of this loom knitting video is you are given a list of all you will need to complete the scarf. You also get beginning to end instructions unlike some loom knitting tutorials that get you started but do not show you how to complete the project.

Watch the video and learn to knit a scarf that will look good and keep you warm.

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