Loom Knit A Briefcase or Tablet Case

You can use your loom to knit a envelope-shaped hand bag that can be used as a case or cover for your ipad or surface pro tablet. This DIY loom knitting video by Tuteate will show you how to loom knit a briefcase that you can modify to use for many different purposes. I plan on using it for my ipad.

If you have viewed other videos on Loom Knitting Videos made by Tuteate then you know you are going to get  a top quality loom knitting tutorial that is very easy to follow along with. If you are not familiar with the loom knitting videos from Tuteate this is what you will get:

  • beginning to end instructions
  • crisp and clear videos of the loom knitting being done
  • on-screen instructions
  • a supply list
  • easy to follow instructions

What is covered in this loom knitting tutorial is:

– How to cast on stitches on the loom
– How to work wrap&knits (e-wrap stitch)
– How to work purls
– How to work in flat panel
– How to work decreases
– How to work a chain on the loom

Get started on this loom knitting project that is useful all the year round.


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