Loom Knit A Summer Hat – A Good Summer Loom Knitting Project

Scarlett Royal will teach you how to use your loom to loom knit a Summer Hat in this loom knitting video. This is a good loom knitting project for the summer from her site TheIdeasAndCreationsFromTheMuse.BlogSpot.com . The instructions for the summer hat borrows some loom knitting lessons from two of her other loom knitting tutorials, the Witches Hat and the Netted Hat. If you have not seen these loom knitting videos you can check out both videos below.

I would really recommend watching the other two videos first if you are new to loom knitting because although Scarlett gives you several stitches and tips this loom knitting video is not as detailed as the other two as to how to do the stitches. This loom knitting tutorial really relies on you having some loom knitting knowledge and is more about how to take the loom knitting skills you learned in the Witches Hat and Netted hat and combining them to create a new loom knitting project.

You do get good visuals and verbal instructions and you will learn some loom knitting skills you can  put to use in other loom knitting projects. If you do need more help check out Scarlett at her site http://www.TheIdeasAndCreationsFromTheMuse.BlogSpot.com. There you find help along with many other creative ideas she has come up with for loom knitters. Watch all three videos and create your loom knitted summer hat that both fashionable and functional.


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