Loom Knit The Raspberry Stitch To Make A Pebble Pop Knit Pillow

Learn to loom knit the Raspberry Stitch to knit a Pebble Pop knit pillow. If you have seen the needle knitted Pebble Pop knit pattern at Yarnspirations.com and wished you could knit one on your loom now you can.

Kristen Mangus of Good Knit Kisses has made a loom knitting video showing a conversion of the made for knitting needles Trinity stitch also known as the Raspberry or Blackberry to a loom knitting pattern you can use to knit your own Pebble Pop Loom Knitted Pillow.

A beginner can successfully do this stitch after getting the basics like how to cast on and bind off, knit, purl and bind off down. There are plenty of loom knitting videos here on LoomKnittingVideos.com to help you learn these loom knitting basics if you need a refresher. Kristen labels this video as one for the beginner INTERMEDIATE.

Your are taken step by step in this loom knitting tutorial but I highly recommend you watch the entire video before beginning to loom knit. The verbal’s are detailed and you do get good visuals of the knitting being done but the verbal instructions are spoken as the person following along is a little more advanced than a newbie.

This loom knitting video teaches you how to use your loom to knit the stitch. To see the actual pillow project video you will need to follow this link. To get the Yarnspirations.com pattern follow this link.

Here are the supplies Kristen lists on YouTube you will need and the skills she lists you will learn while following along with her video.

Caron One Pound color Sunflower – 1 ball
3/8″ Small Gauge (SG) loom with at least 14 pegs for the swatch or 82 pegs for the pillow pattern.

Skills and techniques covered:
U-Knit stitch
True/ Traditional Knit
Purl Stitch
P1. K1. P1. in same stitch (Also called an Inc1to3)
Reading a needle pattern to convert

She also notes that Joan Gay was instrumental in making knitting this on a loom possible.

Check out this video and knit yourself some nice new pillows.


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