Loom Knit The Waffle Rib Stitch

Once again Denise of LoomaHat.com has shared another superb loom knitting video tutorial teaching how to loom knit a super easy stitch. The stitch she is teaching in this loom knitting video is the Waffle Rib Stitch.

The tutorial itself is short, precise, and is packed with all the information you need to successfully learn how to use any loom you have to knit the waffle rib stitch using a combination of knit an purl stitches. This video was not made with a specific project in mind so she did not take the time to include the cast on or cast off. For those who want to use the stitch in a project I have also included the loom knitting video in which she uses the waffle stitch to loom knit a wash cloth. What is included is step by step (row by row) on-screen instructions backed up with good close-ups of each step of the knitting process. Along with the on-screen pattern and close-ups are verbal instructions that are given in a very relaxing and patient manner.

Watch the simple and easy to follow along waffle rib stitch video first then if you are ready for a project using a very close waffle loom knitting stitch watch the video on how to knit a wash cloth on your loom using the waffle stitch.

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