Loom Knit Half Finger Gloves

The video in this post teaches you how to use your loom to loom knit half finger gloves. These gloves are good to have if your   cell phone is the touch screen type. With these you don’t have to remove your gloves to use the phone. Credit for this video goes to Scarlett Royal who uploaded it to Youtube using the name scarlyartmuse.

The loom knitting project may be better suited for a loom knitter with some experience but a new knitter can accomplish it with some patience. Although the video is not always in focus and could be improved  with some good close-ups of the knitting being done it is a better than average loom knitting tutorial. It is a video you can learn from. You get good instructions from beginning (the cast on) to end(the bind off and sewing up the fingers). The knitting instructions are clearly spoken and very detailed which will make it easier for an experienced loom knitter to follow as well as a loom knitter with a little experience under the belt. Scarlett gives you the free loom knitting pattern for the gloves at her blog Ideas And Creations.

If you want to loom knit a useful project this is one you can do and get some real use out of the finished project. Take a look at the video and put your loom to use knitting a useful project. It will be worth your time.


  1. Gail says:

    Could you just do everything 1/2 to make for an 8 yr. Old?

    • admin says:

      Starting at about the 5:10 mark Scarlett explains that the size of the gloves can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the number of rows in the finger section. I have not tried adjusting the size but decreasing the rows throughout should get you the smaller glove you are looking for. You can contact Scarlett directly at her blog for more detailed instructions by following this link

      Thanks for the question.

  2. Sandra Mitchell says:

    What differences do I make to make these for my 23 yr old grandson. He wants a pair for Christmas. Thank you for your video. It was well done and informative. If you could help me with this it would be most appreciated.

  3. Sandra Mitchell says:

    I didn’t check the box to let me know when you reply by email so could you do that for me please.

    • admin says:

      Starting at about the 5:10 mark Scarlett explains that the size of the gloves can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the number of rows in the finger section. If you need more detailed instructions you can contact Scarlett the author of the video directly at her blog for more detailed instructions. You can visit the blog at: http://theideasandcreationsfromthemuse.blogspot.com/2013/01/half-finger-gloves.html. I think you will find Scarlett very helpful.

      • Sandra Mitchell says:

        thank you so much for your help. I am loosing my eyesight because of diabeties and I use to crochet and knit and quilt and embroidery. But I haven’t been able to until my husband bought me the loom. It is big enough I can make out my stitches. Glorious day. He also bought me a computer monitor that I can enlarge the screen so that I can read and see videos well. Your video is so well done that I can understand it completely either by your wording or by watching you. You really don’t know how much it has meant to me to be able to use my hands again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and may God bless you for caring enough to share. Sandy

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