Loom Knitting – Best Casting Off Video Found

I am constantly on the look out for loom knitting videos that do a really good job demonstrating good loom knitting techniques. I am still learning so I am looking for videos that are easy to understand, short and to the point,  and include tips that will help beginners look like they have been loom knitting for a while. Well this video uploaded by “MikeysSmail” fits the criteria. In the video he teaches you how to cast off after completing your project. It does look a little messy in the beginning because he does not seem to be using a fully completed project but the video gets the point across perfectly. The tip he gives about using a crochet needle is right on. Use the needle instead of the tool that comes with your kit and you will avoid a lot of headaches. Check out the video and see if you agree. If you find one that you think is easier to follow let me know.

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