Loom Knitting The Purl Stitch

After learning a little bit about loom knitting you get excited and just start doing it from the examples you see in the videos and what you see others doing. I have to admit I not ready to classify myself as anything more than a novice loom knitter and am one of those that sees a video and just starts working on the things I see that look interesting without really paying too much attention to the terms being used. Well that is the case with this purl video. I kept hearing the term purl so I decided I go back to the basics again and learn to loom knit using the purl stitch. After watching the video I realized I already knew how to purl stitch I just did not know the term for what I was doing. Anyway I thought this video would be good to include for those just beginning to experiment with loom knitting. I still learned something. Now I know what I am doing when I do it.

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