Loom Knitting Soild Stripes

Loom knitting a blanket is a standard loom knitting project for most loom knitters with a little experience under the belt. Adding solid stripes to a loom knitted blanket is taking that experience up a level. For the loom knitter ready to really take their skill level up a couple of notches this loom knitting tutorial by Michael Sellick (Mikeyssmail – youtube) will help you make the move. In the video he shows how to loom knit solid stripes into your knitted blanket, scarf, or afghan loom knitting project.

Just like all of the loom knitting video tutorials you will find under mikeyssmail on youtube and other loom knitting sites this video is well done. It is a little long but it is worth the time to watch and learn. The length comes from the detailed instructions given in this loom knitting tutorial by Michael. You get good verbal instructions along with well shot visuals to go along with the verbal instructions. The good close-ups help you understand what is being done as he shows you the twisted stitch method during the cast on.  Before I go any further let me say that Michael is correct in stating that this method of adding stripes to your loom knitting project is not for the unorganized or impatient. The method is easy but requires organization and patient because it not as fast as regular loom knitting. Not as fast but you will appreciate the result you get.

If there is anything missing in the video it is removing the finished project from the loom. This may not be a problem for an experienced loom knitter but noobs usually need to see how to complete the project.  You will see a sample piece of what using his method will look like at completion just not how he got there. You will have to catch some of the other casting off videos for that.

Take a look at the video and see if you are ready to make a move up in your loom knitting skills.

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