Loom Knitting A Headband

Loom knitting a headband is a useful and easy project that loom knitters can complete in a short amount of time. I noticed several searches a day for videos tutorials on how to use the loom to make a headband so I thought I would see if I could find a video that will give loom knitters some good instructions and patterns to knit a headband using a loom. I found two videos that were good enough to add to Loom Knitting Videos so I’ll include them both.

The first video uploaded by CaringCaps  is really geared toward knitting headbands for infants but you can adjust the pattern to the size you need.  This video is short and to the point. It gives you all you need to know to loom knit a headband in a short 3:16 minuet video. It does assume you know the purl stitch. You get good close-ups and good verbal instructions in addition to the on-screen instructions. In this video round yarn is being used where as in the second video ribbon yarn is used. One other difference is you will not use the entire loom as you do in the second video.

In the second video uploaded under the name Galligsgirl you get a tutorial on knitting an adult headband. The second video the longer of the two(26.46) is a little more detailed and takes longer to complete. Although it is longer you get good explanations of what is being done. The work being done is not always in frame as it is being done and the close-ups are not as good as in the CaringCaps video tutorial but she does give you enough to learn from.

Take a look at both videos and learn something a little different in both. You be the judge of which is your style.

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