Loom Knit The Figure 8 On A Long Loom

Loom knitting the figure 8 stitch also called the diamond lace stitch or the fishnet stitch is an easy stitch to learn. I included a review of a loom knitting tutorial on using a round loom to knit the figure 8 stitch in a previous post so I thought this video tutorial posted by Kristen Mangus on Youtube under the name GoodKnitKisses would be a good loom knitting tutorial to add for those wanting some really good instructions on using the long loom. Before going any further Grace Campbell needs to be given credit for giving us the fishnet stitch or figure 8 stitch.

As I said earlier the figure 8 stitch is easy to learn and that is even more true when you have a good quality video tutorial such as this one done by Kristen. Just as all the other videos done by Kristen and uploaded under goodknitkisses you get good crisp and well focused video that gives you a clear demonstration of the work being done as she does it. The verbal instructions are well spoken and complete. You are not shown the casting on is this video but you are given the verbal details and instructions of how she began knitting the figure 8. This loom knitting tutorial is more of a demonstration of how to accomplish the figure 8 stitch(diamond lace stitch, fishnet stitch) rather than a tutorial to a specific project. For those ready to add another stitch to their loom knitting skills this video does a good job of teaching the figure 8 stitch. Check out the video and put this stitch to work in you next project. By the way you can use this stitch on any loom even though it is being done on the All In One loom.

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