Loom Knitting E-wrap Tip

This loom knitting tip has been around for a while but its a good one so I wanted to share it for those who may have missed it in previous loom knitting tutorials. Always on the lookout for loom knitting videos with good tips any loom knitter can use I ran across this video that does a good job demonstrating the tip that will save your finger tips when threading your yarn on your loom. The tip uploaded under the youtube name chickenbonewatt is to take an ink pen casing or as I have also used a straw from a water bottle to thread  yarn onto the loom. It really speeds up e-wrap process and saves your fingers from numbness when working a really large project.

The lighting in the video is not the best and the work being done is not always in frame but it is good enough for you to get the catch the jest of  how to save yourself some skin and some time. The video was done well enough to learn from and you do want to give knitters who take the time to create a loom knitting video tutorial to  help fellow knitters (especially new loom knitters) by sharing helpful loom knitting tips credit for doing so. Watch the video and try it if you have not already. It makes a difference.

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