Loom Knit A Scarf In 4 Easy Steps

In four easy steps Tuteate teaches you how to use your long loom or rectangular loom to knit a beautiful scarf using the crossed stockinette stitch. This loom knitting video like the others done by Tuteate is a fantastic tool you can use to knit a scarf you will be proud to show off. Just like the other videos you will not find any verbal instructions but what you will get is a loom knitting tutorial with super close-ups of the work being done and easy to follow start to finish on-screen instructions. The only thing I think could be improved in this loom knitting video is the selection of the background music. If the music is not your style of music you can mute it and keep going.

The four steps Tuteate takes you through are

  • The cast on
  • The knittting using the crossed stockinette stitch
  • Binding off
  • Finishing off the work

A couple of tips that may help you to make your loom knitting easier and look better is to first take apart an ink pen and thread your yarn through the pen tube to make it easier to wrap your yarn around the pegs, second use a thicker yarn to give you scarf a fuller look and tighter stitch.

If you have questions about the loom knitting being done to make the scarf you will probably  find the answers and even some more tips in the questions and comments posted at the YouTube posting of this video.

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