Loom Knit The Herringbone Stitch

The Herringbone Stich on a round loom.

In this loom knitting video Kristen of GoodKnitKisses  teaches you how to use your round loom to knit the herringbone stitch. The herringbone stitch is a knitting stitch those who needle knit are probably quite familiar with. Thanks to Kristen of the site GoodKnitKisses those that like to use looms to do their knitting now have the opportunity to learn this nice looking and useful stitch you can use knitting your next hat, shawl, or any other loom knitting project your creativeness will allow you imagine.

If you follow Kristen you already know that you are going to get a top quality loom knitting tutorial that is easy to follow. Loom Knit Herringbone Stitch In this loom knitting video Kristen keeps the focus on the knitting being done by giving you crisp clear video of the knitting as it is being done. She backs it up with on-screen instructions, close-ups, and well spoken and clear audio instructions. You will feel comfortable learning to loom knit the herringbone stitch from Kristen as she takes her time with her instructions and makes you feel as if it is just the two of you sitting around having a friendly conversation while working on your next loom knitting project.

Included in the video you also get lessons on how to cast on, stitch and how to bind off your project. Kristen goes the extra step of including this written pattern on her page on YouTube you can  use to back up the loom knitting video. You will also find additional tips there.

Row 1: *k2tog, slip on the first stitch (move knit stitch back 1 peg, pick up previous stitch and place on empty peg*, repeat between *,* until 1 remains, knit 1
Row 2: *k2tog tbl, slip on the first stitch (as previous row)*, repeat between *,* until 1 remains, knit 1

Check out the video and learn the herringbone stitch to use in the next hat or other loom knitting project you do.

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