Hand Knit A Chunky Knit Blanket For $17

Want a chunky blanket at about 10% of the price you will find a Merino blanket it in a store? If so this a video you need to watch to learn how to hand knit one for yourself in about 2 hours. I know it is not a loom knitting video but this is one I thought would be great to share with loom knitters who like experimenting with different knitting ideas. It is also an easy and quick knitting project for beginner knitters.

The video was made by Kristin of the YouTube channel Kristin at Home. It is her first knitting video tutorial but the quality of the video and instructions is that of someone who has some experience making knitting tutorials. Watch the video and learn a new knitting skill. If you decide you don’t want to knit one yourself she will custom make you one in her Etsy store

A couple of words of caution are because the yarn used is not Merino wool and is acrylic it is not as durable as wool is. The other thing is be sure  you don’t miss a loop when knitting because each loop/knit is dependent on the next to hold the blanket together.

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