Loom Knit Rib Stitch Flowers

In this loom knitting video by Denise of LoomaHat.com you will learn to use your looms to knit Rib Stitch Flowers that you can add to your projects to accent them or if you prefer just use as decorations around the house. the possibilities are endless.

This is an easy pattern that the beginner loom knitter can complete with little effort.

This loom knitting video is a project video so you do get a beginning to end lesson that when completed you will have finished product you can use. If you are familiar with LoomaHat.com videos the you know the video is going to be one best you will find teaching you how to loom knit. As always you will get fantastic close-ups of the loom knitting be done accompanied by relaxing and easy to understand verbal instructions. A bonus I find that is a great help to beginning loom knitters is the on-screen instructions that provide extra clarity to the loom knitting instructions being presented. The on-screen instructions not only provide clarity but also allow you to pause the video to learn the loom knitting stitch being done.

Another good thing about Denise of LoomaHat.com is she always seems to be ready to answer the questions of those who need a little extra help. If you find you need some help or just want to thank Denise for the video just hop on over to her YouTube channel at this link: https://www.youtube.com/user/LoomaHat


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