Loom Knit The New “Non Curl” Rice Rib Stitch

In this loom knitting video tutorial by R U Loom Knitting you will learn to loom knit the no curl Rice Rib Stitch/Pattern created by Christie Davis.

The first thing I need to tell you about this loom knitting video is that it is not a project video that takes you from the beginning of a project to the end of the project. So you don’t get a cast on or a bind off. This loom knitting tutorial teaches you a new no curl loom knitting stitch you can use in your projects. If you need to see how to cast on using the e-wrap she uses in this video check out some of the other loom knitting beginner videos found on LoomKnittingVideos.com.

This is the first video of R U Loom Knitting included in LoomKnittingVideos.com. You know our goal is to include top quality videos that are easy to follow and easy to learn from. This video fits the bill. I find that the quality the video is very good. You do get good close-ups of the work being done that is supported by well spoken and easily understood verbal instructions. The only thing I find missing is the on-screen instructions and patterns that many loom knitting tutorials include that allow you to visualize the pattern in your head as you loom knit and follow along.

If you want a non-curl loom knitting stitch/pattern to add to your project watch this video from beginning to end then try it yourself.

If you like this loom knitting video be sure to visit the R U Loom  Knitting YouTube channel  at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxS-6kVwoLDo-q7NSh40ldw to thank Christie Davis for sharing her creativity and to let her know the time spent making this video is appreciated by loom knitters like yourself.


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