How To Loom Knit A Ruana Style Free Spirit Topper

Looking for something new to Loom Knit I came across this Loom Knitting video made by Kristen at GoodKnit Kisses. I have not finished loom knitting mine but after watching the video I thought this would be a good loom knitting tutorial to share with my fellow loom knitters.

If you are a regular loom knitter then I am sure you know about Kristen and the quality loom knitting videos she produces. Her videos are always informative and usually easy to follow along with to create some amazing loom knitted clothing, blankets, and more.

Well this loom knitting video follows the same teaching formula. It combines good planning with well spoken verbal instructions and excellent visuals of the loom knitting as it is being done to make it easy to follow along with whether you are an experienced loom knitter or you are a beginner with a little loom knitting experiencing under your belt.

In this video you will learn to :

  • Change yarn colors
  • Use the Seed Stitch and Stockinette
  • Increase
  • Cast on
  • Bind Off
  • Use stitch markers
  • Use your 62 peg long loom
  • Seam loom knitted panels

If you like to have your loom knitting tutorial backed up by a free written pattern Kirsten makes the written pattern available on her website Here is the link to Good Knit Kisses and the pattern. The free pattern is converted from the original needle knit version of the Free Spirit Topper.  Check out the loom knitting video and loom knit your Topper.

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