The Magic Knot Or Weavers Knot – Easy Way To Change Yarn Colors While Loom Knitting

If you are looking for an easy way to change yarn colors while loom knitting that doesn’t involve having to cut tails  these to videos made by Dana Scoles of Dayna Scoles Designs will teach you how to change yarn colors while loom knitting using either the “Magic Knot” or the “Weaver’s Knot”. You will appreciate the more refined look your loom knitting project will have by using one of these knots versus having to try to weave in tails or hide the knots in your loom knitted hat, loom knitted blanket, loom knitted scarf, or any of the other many things you can make with your loom.

Both videos are short and to the point so it is worth your time to watch both so that you can try both to see which works best for you.  Although either knot will work for most loom knitting projects the magic knot is stronger and easier to tie but it produces a larger knot than the weaver’s knot. Try both.

If you find Dana’s video as useful as I did take time to visit her site to let her know you appreciate her loom knitting tips. There you will also be treated to some of her original loom knitting designs and patterns.

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