Loom Knit The Three Peg Bobble

Using a loom to knit a bobble is easy when you have the right person showing you how to knit it. Samantha with Once Upon A Loom Knits has created and shared a video on Youtube unde the name SweetheartCozy showing you her version of how to use a round loom to knit a bobble. You even get a bonus creation in the video as she shows you can use the pattern she is showing you to create a belt loop. Back to the bobble. As she explains in the video most bobbles are knitted using one peg. Although more pegs are used in her video the bobble is created over three pegs. The meat of the loom knitting video instructions really starts at about  the 3:15 mark.

Samantha does a good job of explaining the stitches she is using and gives you good close-ups as she knits. You are given plenty of examples to view so that you can follow along and know you are knitting the bobble correctly. Overall the video is a good loom knitting tutorial. Watch the video and check out some of her other videos at her blog over at blogspot.com.


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