Learn To Loom Knit A Ponytail Hat

Loom Knit A Ponytail Hat

In 12:38 you can learn how to loom knit a ponytail hat using your 41 peg Knifty Knitter loom and some thick yarn used with 7-8 needles. The Tuteate Team has put together another fantastic loom knitting video from which both a beginner loom knitter and an experienced loom knitter can use to create a […]

Super Easy Loom Knit a Mug of Hot Chocolate Project

Loom Knit Hot Chocolate deco

You can use your loom to knit a mug of hot chocolate. Joni of the YouTube channel EasyMeWorld will show you how to complete this super easy loom knitting project in this loom knitting tutorial. This is one loom knitting video I would give three thumbs up if I had three hands. It is a loom knitting pattern that is […]

Loom Knit A Santa Hat

Loom Knit A Santa Hat

  Learn how to loom knit a Santa hat for the Christmas season. In this loom knitting video Scarlett Royal of the blog  The Loom Muse Creations and Ideas will show you how to use your 41 peg loom Knifty Knitter Loom and some bulky yarn to knit a cabled Santa hat. Those of you that are familiar […]

Step By Step Tutorial To Loom Knitting A Pullover Sweater

loom knitted pullover sweater

In this loom knitting video tutorial presented by the Tuteate Team you will get a step by step lesson on how to knit a pullover sweater you will be proud to show off or give as a gift.  If you are familiar with the Tuteate Team loom knitting videos then you already know you are going to […]

Loom Knit The Celtic Knot Pattern

Loom Knit Celtic Knot

In this new loom knitting video LoomaHat.com and gives you a new and free pattern you can add to your loom knitting skills. The new loom knit stitch and loom knit pattern you will learn is called the Celtic Knot. This is an original loom knit stitch created by LoomaHat.com. The stitch is a really easy […]

Loom Knit the Double Moss Stitch Pattern

Loom Knit The Double Moss Stitch

Learn to loom knit the Moss Stitch Pattern in this awesome loom knitting video by Denise of LoomaHat.com. The video is short but packed with good loom knitting tips, fantastic looks at the knitting being done, great verbal instructions, and as everyone knows my favorite, on-screen instructions.   In the video you are taught in step by step […]

Beginners Loom Knit A Hat Video

Loom Knit A Hat For Beginners

This is a must see beginners loom knitting video. This loom knitting tutorial presented by LoomaHat.com is truly one of the most detailed loom knitting videos for beginners I have seen presented anywhere on the web. Beginning loom knitters will get an excellent foundation from which to build their loom knitting skills by following along with this loom […]

Loom Knit The Crocodile Stitch

Loom Knit the crocodile stitch

The crocodile loom knitting stitch will be easy for more experienced loom knitters but will take a little more patience for beginners. The stitch is  demonstrated in this loom knitting video by Scarlett Royal. In this video tutorial Scarlett doesn’t start with the cast on as she does in most of her loom knitting videos this may […]

Loom Knit A Netted Hat The Easy Way

Loom Knitted Netted Hat 1

Learn the easy and quick way to loom knit a netted hat in this loom knitting video by Scarlett Royal. This is another quality loom knitting tutorial by Scarlett Royal  in which she takes you from the cast on to the finished project. Those of you who have seen any of the loom knitting videos done by Scarlett […]

Loom Knit An Easy Poncho

How to loom knit a poncho

Learning to loom knit a poncho maybe a good idea now that cooler weather is approaching. You can see just how easy it is to knit your first poncho by following along with Mumtazm in this loom knitting video. In the video you are shown two different ways to loom knit a poncho. The first […]

How to Adapt Needle Knit Patterns to a Loom Knit Pattern

Plastic Looms

You probably have come across many needle knitting patterns you wish were made for loom knitting. Well in this loom knitting video made by Mumtazm you can learn how to convert knitting patterns made for needle knitting into a pattern you can use on your looms. I just discovered her videos and found them to be […]

Loom Knit The New Tiny Heart Stitch

Loom Knit the Tiny Heart Stitch

In this loom knitting video by Deneise of LoomaHat.com you will learn how to use your straight loom to knit the new Tiny  Heart Stitch created by Theresa Higby. It a cute new stitch that will make your next project stand out. The video is not one that takes you from the cast on to the […]

Loom Knit A Pumpkin Hat Again

Loom Knit A punpkin Hat

This loom knitting video  on how to use your looms to knit a pumpkin hat was first posted by Bethany Dailey of GettingItPegged.com back in September of last year. Well it is that time of the year so I thought this would be a good time to make this loom knitting video review available again. If you want […]

Loom Knit The Herringbone Stitch

Loom Knit the Herringbone Stitch

The Herringbone Stich on a round loom. In this loom knitting video Kristen of GoodKnitKisses  teaches you how to use your round loom to knit the herringbone stitch. The herringbone stitch is a knitting stitch those who needle knit are probably quite familiar with. Thanks to Kristen of the site GoodKnitKisses those that like to […]

Loom Knit A Scarf In 4 Easy Steps

Loom knit a scarf

In four easy steps Tuteate teaches you how to use your long loom or rectangular loom to knit a beautiful scarf using the crossed stockinette stitch. This loom knitting video like the others done by Tuteate is a fantastic tool you can use to knit a scarf you will be proud to show off. Just like […]

How To Loom Knit A Shrug

Loom Knit A Shrug

Another great loom knitting tutorial is what you get in this loom knitting video teaching you how to use your 36 peg circular loom to knit a shurg. This video by Tuteate is just in time. In the last post you were shown how to knit a star hat in preparation for the fall and […]

Loom Knit A Star Hat

Loom Knit A Star Hat

Cooler weather is just around the corner so it is time to put your loom to work loom knitting some hats to keep your head warm. This loom knitting video submitted on YouTube by Tuteate will show you step by step how to use your 36 peg loom to knit a fashionable hat with a […]

Loom Knit A Ruffle Scarf

Loom Knit a ruffle scarf

You can learn to use your loom to  knit a fancy ruffle scarf by following one of the videos included in this loom knitting post. I am not going to recommend one video over the other. I have watched both and found both to be loom knitting tutorials you can easily learn to use your […]

Learn To Loom Knit The Crown Stitch

Loom knit crown stitch

In this two-part loom knitting video Purling Sprite will teach you how to use your loom to knit the crown stitch. If you are familiar with the loom knitting videos submitted to YouTube by Purling Sprite then you know that this loom knitting series is one that will make it easy to learn the crown stitch. Along with giving […]

Loom Knit Comfortable Slippers

Loom Knit Slippers Tueate

Loom knit yourself a pair of very comfortable slippers using this loom knitting video by the Tuteate Team. This is another good loom knitting video that beginners with a little loom knitting experience and experienced loom knitters with several loom knitting projects under their belt can follow along with and create a useful and good-looking pair of slippers. Taking […]

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