Loom Knit A Cat Toy

How to Loom Knit A Cat Toy

Ok this video is for the loom knitters that are cat lovers. In this loom knitting video Sophia Burns shows you how to knit a toy your cat will enjoy playing with. Sophia always does a fantastic job with her loom knitting tutorials and this is one I am sure those of you with a cat will truly [...]

Loom Knit A Poncho

How To Loom Knit A Poncho

You can learn how to loom knit a girls poncho using this loom knitting video tutorial by Ruby Stedman. This is a loom knitting project you can complete in a day. Just like the other 200 plus videos Ruby has posted to YouTube you get a professional and very detailed loom knitting lesson. You are taken from [...]

Loom Knit An Easy Easter Basket

Loom Knit An Easter Basket

Learn how to loom knit an Easter basket in this loom knitting video posted by American Knitter. This is a video for both the beginner loom knitter and more advanced loom knitter. It is so well shot and commented that almost anyone that can follow instructions even a little-bit will be able to create a fantastic [...]

Loom Knitting Videos For Beginners

Hats Loom Knited For The Homeless 2013

To find the best of the loom knitting videos for beginners we have scoured the internet DIY sites and YouTube. Here are some that we think are easy to follow, very thorough, full of loom knitting tips, full of good close-ups of the knitting being done, and are just plain good. We understand that everyone learns [...]

Loom Knit A Hat In 30 Min With The Addi

Loom Knit a 30 Min hat

You can loom knit a ready to wear hat in under 30 minutes using the Addi knitting machine. This loom knitting video made and presented by Karin Skacel was added to Loom Knitting Videos to give the loom knitters who have added the Addi knitting machine as another option to help them create some beautiful loom knitted [...]

Loom Knit A Belt Loop Hat

Loom knit a belt loop hat

We are always on the look out for good new loom knitting video sites with tutorials to teach those wanting to learn how to loom knit. We think the site loomahat.com by Denise is a good up and coming site loom knitters wanting to learn how to knit hats will learn a lot from. This video of how [...]

Learn To Loom Knit An Iva Headband

Loom Knitted Iva Headband

This three-part video will teach you how to use your loom to knit the stylish Iva headband. Anyone who follows loom knitting videos knows the quality of loom knitting video tutorials Purling Sprite produces. This video teaching you how to loom knit this headband is another quality video that is easy to follow and gives [...]

How To Loom Knit A Two Color Double Sided Scarf

Loom Knit Double Sided Two Color Scarf

A while back I posted a loom knitting video I found on how to use the rake loom or long loom to knit a double sided two color scarf. I get questions on how to cast on and how to cast off as well as other questions on how to accomplish the two-sided scarf so I [...]

Learn To Loom Knit The Three Step Stitch

Loom Knit Three Step Stitch

Here is a new stitch you can learn to use with your loom when you want to loom knit a loose-fitting hat or other project needing an open stitch. Zoe MacLean gets credit for discovering and sharing this stitch which she calls the three-step stitch with the loom knitting community. She explains that she discovered  [...]

Learn To Loom Knit A Slouchy Hat

Loom Knitted Slouchy Hat

In this video you will learn to loom knit a slouchy beanie hat to go with the loom knitted cable scarf (link to the scarf tutorial)  the Tuteate Team taught you how to use your long loom to knit. Well in this loom knitting video you get to put your circle loom to use to knit a the [...]

Loom Knit A Cabled Scarf

How To Loom Knit A Cabled Scarf

I have been looking for new loom knitting videos to add to the Loom Knitting Videos site and have finally found a new one I consider good enough to add to the site. We only want to add videos that are quality made, easy to follow, with good on-screen or and good verbal instructions and [...]

Learn To Loom Knit The Seed Stitch

Loom Knit Seed Stitch

One of the better Loom Knitting teachers has just posted a new video demonstrating the seed stitch a great stitch for knitting sweaters blankets or anything else you can think of that uses panels . Kristen Mangus from GoodKnitKisses gives those looking to learn how to use their loom to knit the seed stitch a loom knitting  video perfect for [...]

How To Loom Knit A Pumpkin Hat

Loom Knit A Pumpkin Hat

Just in time for the holidays you can learn how to loom knit the perfect hat for the season by following along with this loom knitting video tutorial taught by Bethany Dailey of GettinItPegged.com. In this loom knitting video Bethany takes you from beginning to end of how to loom knit a pumpkin hat. She [...]

How to Loom Knit the Half Hitch Stitch

Loom Knit the half hitch stitch

Kristen Of Good Knit Kisses has posted several new loom knitting videos. In this new loom knitting tutorial Kristen demonstrates how to use your loom to knit the half hitch. The video is short and to the point. In the knitting video you will see Kristen use the slip stitch, e-wrap, and the half hitch. [...]

Loom Knit A Mesh Bag – Another Useful Project

Learn to loom knit a mesh bag

In this loom knitting tutorial you will learn how to loom knit a mesh bag that will have many uses. This loom knitting video is brought to you by Kristen of Good Knit Kisses – a real star in loom knitting circles. In her one of her best loom knitting videos Kristen takes you from start to [...]

How to Loom Knit the Crochet Stitch

Loom Knit the crochet stitch

In this loom knitting video tutorial provided by Samantha of Once Upon A Loom you will learn how to get the crochet look using your Knifty Knitter long loom or your Authentic Knitting Board loom. Samantha teaches you how to get that crochet look by showing you how to do the mock crochet stitch. If you are the type that [...]

Loom Knit Tennis Shoe Booties With Your Loom

Loom knit tennis shoe booties

Scarlett Royal teaches you how to use your Knifty Knitter long loom to loom knit a cute pair of tennis shoe baby booties in this loom knitting tutorial. Some of the other tools used are hook, and crafters needle, simply soft yarn, boye crochet hook. There are a lot of loom knitting videos out there showing you how [...]

How To Loom Knit A Bear In 35 Minutes

Loom Knit A Bear

Learn how to loom knit  a mini-bear in just 35 minutes in this loom knitting video tutorial created by Caring Caps. this video will take you from the cast on to the final assembly of the bear using your flower loom. Packed into this loom knitting lesson you will get demonstrations of the draw string [...]

Loom Knit – How to do a Stretchy Bind Off

Loom Knit Stretchy Bind Off

This loom knitting video will help loom knitters looking to learn a bind off technique that works well for loom knitting projects such as socks, mitten cuffs, cowls, scarves, and anything else that may need a little extra give. I will not spend a lot of time reviewing the video other than to say that if you [...]

How To Loom Knit The Honey Comb Stitch

How To Loom Knit Honey Comb Stitch

Learn how to loom knit the honey comb stitch using this loom knitting tutorial by Amanda Pratt. In this loom knitting video Amanda teaches you how to use your loom to do the Honey Comb Stitch  which because of the thickness the honey comb creates is a great stitch to use  when knitting a scarf , [...]

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